They Eat Horses, Don’t They? The Truth About the French

UK Edition

UK Edition

They Eat Horses, Don't They?: The Truth About the French tells you what life in France is really like. Do the French eat horses? Do French women bare all on the beach? What is a bidet really used for?

In this hilarious and informative book, Piu Marie Eatwell reveals the truth behind forty-five myths about the French, from the infamous horsemeat banquets of the nineteenth century that inspired an irrepressible rumor, to breaking down our long-held beliefs about French history and society (the French are a nation of cheese-eating surrender monkeys, right?).

US Edition

US Edition

Eatwell lived in France for many years and made the most of long French weekends, extended holidays, and paid time off to sit on French beaches, evaluate the sexual allure of the French men and women around her, and, of course, scan café menus for horses and frogs. As a result, They Eat Horses, Don't They? reveals a fascinating picture of historical and contemporary France―a country that has both changed radically in the twenty-first century, but yet still retains much of the mystery, romance, and allure that has seduced foreigners for decades. Truth, as always, is stranger than fiction. . .

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A highly entertaining book… The France she depicts offers a welcome corrective to the charming postcard tableaux on display in the faux innocent-abroad works that have proliferated like multicolored macarons.
— The New York Times Book Review

[A] very funny take-down of French stereotypes… Eatwell’s tome is not only humorous, but also painstakingly researched.
— The Boston Globe

Eatwell’s myth busting has broad appeal and will draw in readers, from Francophiles to history and culture buffs alike.
— Library Journal

Lovers of Paris will enjoy Eatwell’s chronicles of her journeys…Entertaining mini-essays that debunk common idealized conceptions of the French.
— Kirkus Reviews

British-born francophile and France-resident Eatwell conducts a lighthearted journey through her adopted country by setting the record straight on commonly held stereotypes about the French… the combination of history, trivia, and firsthand observations offers insights into the cultures on both ends of the Channel.
— Publishers Weekly

Eatwell’s smart book is an entertaining procession through French history and culture as well as a shrewd portrait of contemporary France, it’s full of surprises and revelations.
— Chicago Tribune

With a lawyer’s forensic approach, she examines the stereotypes of French life, so beloved of the British in particular, and discovers that many are completely false.
— Daily Mail (UK)

Eatwell’s fun but informative cultural overview delights in exploding a few myths that the British in particular have about the French, but it’s also a timely answer to the slew of studies promoting a French way of life”
— Independent on Sunday (UK)

Eatwell…offers an entertaining and fluently written tour around the subject, touching on everything from adultery to the bad smell of the Paris Metro.
— Charles Bremner, The Times (UK)

An intriguing portrait of just how much France has changed over the past 50 years or so.
— The Spectator (UK)

A fine read.
— The Spectator (UK)

Winner of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Award in the Multicultural Non-Fiction category.

Radio interviews given for They Eat Horses include: Radio Verulam 92.6 arts show, Talk Radio Europe, The Moncrieff Show, Radio Hertfordshire, Frommer’s Travel Show, Big Blend Radio Show, Rudy Maxa’s World Travel Show, with author-written features in Harpers Bazaar and The Barnes & Noble Review.