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#parisrecommends They Eat Horses, Don’t They? #reading #armchairtravel @piueatwell

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Amazing book by @piueatwell I could imagine it as a David Lynch film. #blackdahlia

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Collecting some titles for the @thereadingwomen 2018 challenge!

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“Elizabeth, Betty, Bette, Beth, Gilda, the martyr, the angel, the whore, the icon. Elizabeth Short...” . . . Black Dahlia Red Rose by Piu Eatwell is a re-examination of the Black Dahlia murder. The book looks at gripping new evidence to solve the seventy year old mystery of America’s most famous crime. . Now over the years I’ve read and seen a lot of different conflicting angles on the murder case of Elizabeth Short. What has always baffled me is why nobody was charged with her brutal murder. . This book lays out the case from the very beginning up until the author’s finding from last year. I found this to be a very clear cut presentation of the case. There are key facts and evidence which is discussed and theories followed throughout the years uncovering some crazy allegations against the police and the people who were last in touch with Elizabeth Short. . The account is easy to follow and some very interesting points I hadn’t picked up before are mentioned in this book. Whilst reading it I at times forgot this really happened. The brutal and public murder of a woman who had so many ties to so many people was gripping to follow to find out what the conclusion was. . The FBI still class this as an unsolved murder but with the evidence discussed it’s pretty obvious who it was and the failing of justice is bizarre and shocking to read through. The author does an excellent job in presenting the case from all angles for the reader. There were other cases loosely linked to this one which I had no idea about. I gained a lot of information with ties to the mob and famous celebrities in Hollywood at that time in 1940s. . A very gripping and interesting read. I managed to devour it in one sitting 🙈 I wish this book was out before I went to LA and had seen the Aster Motel, the sight of the Black Dahlia Murder. What’s creepy is I stayed at The Biltmore Hotel 👀 . . . #blackdahliaredrose #piueatwell #elizabethshort #murdermystery #mywee2018reads #astermotel #bookstagram #amreading #truecrime #bookcommunity #booklover #horrorlover #bookishlife #myweereads #readingislife #bookphotography #bookaholic #bookaddict #readersareleaders #readersofinstagram #readersofig

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Book 77 of my year of reading female authors, was ’Black Dahlia, Red Rose’ by Piu Eatwell, a fascinating, evocative account of the Black Dahlia murder. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ --------------------------------- 👍 Brilliantly captures 40s Los Angeles. Cast of characters really come to life on the page. Meticulously researched and compellingly told. --------------------------------- 👎 Troubling subject matter. Lacks an absolute conclusion. --------------------------------- Review: This is a fascinating, meticulous and heartfelt retelling of the 70 year old (and officially unsolved) Black Dahlia murder case, packed with great detail about both the investigation and the state of Los Angeles and the USA at the time. It’s sensitively handled and packed with a rich cast of characters that the author seems to have really taken the time to get to know. The victim, Elizabeth Short, remains a cipher, but the personalities of those caught up in the aftermath of her death are richly and memorable described. The author comes to her own conclusion about the perpetrator, and it was in the final few chapters where the narrative switches to her present day investigations, that the book most came alive for me. I’ve not read much true crime, but what struck me most about this book was the emphasis on the people rather that the crime. It’s never titillating or ghoulish (as I, perhaps wrongly, imagine much true crime writing is) but rather a suitably somber analysis of a tragic and brutal death. --------------------------------- #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #books #amreading #booklover #bookworm #instabooks #booklove #bibliophile #instabook #booklovers #bookgeek #booknerd #bookaddict #igreads #bookreview #truecrime #blackdahlia #blackdahliaredrose #piueatwell #kindleoasis

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Dispelling a few myths about the French. #PiuMarieEatwell #TheTruthAboutTheFrench #MorningsAreForReading

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Shoot, should've gotten @rojomoca this for secret Santa #theyeathorsesdontthey

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the only sight to wake up to on a monday @danasbakery #piumarieeatwell #danasbakery #danasmacarons

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Great pic of #blackdahliaredrose by @Thelastword1962 #blackdahlia #truecrime #amreading #outsoon

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Here are some of the books I got at #alaac17 and the ones I am most excited about. #authorswhoread

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So. Excited. #blackdahlia #myfavoritemurder

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